We are a Bournemouth based company that started as an idea sat on a beach in the Gilli Islands. Founded in 2012 Omelettos has quickly grown into a fulltime job, providing the UK with its 1st and only „omelette bar”. We tour the country with our „Omelettos” stand cooking freshly made omelettes with over 19 different fillings. Currently due to overwhelming demand we are in the process of negotiating a permanent establishment in our hometown, please watch this space for the exact location.

What started as a humble idea has now snowballed into us opening our 1st shop and along with it the UK’s 1st omelette bar. We have perfected the art of an omelette as a takeaway snack and now serve them individually wrapped in a white or wholemeal tortilla.

Our ethos has remained the same throughout this adventure and that is to provide a healthy, tasty alternative to the usual breakfast and lunchtime offerings. All of which is freshly made in front of the customer and ready in just a few minutes.